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Green Stuff Outdoor Service offers competitive prices in Minneapolis and St. Paul for both commercial and residential lawn care. We provide a wide variety of high quality lawn care services for all seasons, including snow plowing and the most professional lawn mowing Minneapolis has to offer. As the largest independent family owned Minneapolis lawn care service, we want to make sure all of our lawn care treatments and snow removal requests not only fit your needs, but your budget as well.

We specialize in the following lawn services:

  • Lawn Fertilizer & Dandelion / Weed Control
  • Mowing
  • Core Aeration
  • Crabgrass Control
  • Dethatching

Lawn Fertilizer & Dandelion / Weed Control

Fertilizer is important because it's like food for your lawn, providing all the nutrients your lawn needs. As part of your lawn care service we provide many options of fertilizers to help your lawn thrive. There are different types of lawn fertilizer and Green Stuff Outdoor Services will help you pick the right one for your grass. We know every lawn is different and has specific needs so we can help you choose from organic, inorganic, liquid and granular fertilizer to ensure your lawn is treated properly. The best times of year to apply fertilizer are the spring, early summer, late summer, mid fall, and late fall. Prices start at just $40.25 per application so contact us to discuss your best fertilizer options.

Lawn Mowing

While mowing is one of the most basic lawn care services, it needs to be done right. Having a lawn that is mowed to perfection will keep your home looking its best. We have commercial grade lawn mowers and a team of professionals to make your yard look the best that it can be each and every time we mow. We have been providing Minneapolis lawn mowing services for over 35 years.

Core Aeration

Aeration is the process of allowing your soil to breathe. Core Aeration is a type of aeration where we remove plugs, or cores, of soil that contain dead turf grass. By removing this soil we are reducing the compaction of your soil, which allows it to have more oxygen, water and nutrients. The more your grass receives these things, the healthier it will be. The best time for core aeration is once a year in the fall. Our core aeration service prices start at just $67.00.

Crabgrass Control

Here at Green Stuff Outdoor Services we include your first crabgrass control application in your lawn care service. However, if you want to double your chance of eliminating crabgrass completely, two applications are the way to go. This treatment should be done in the early spring and if you have any crabgrass appear we will return and get rid of it free of charge!


We also provide dethatching as part of our lawn care service. Dethatching is closely related to core aeration. Thatch is the layer between your soil and grass. This layer mostly contains dead grass roots and stems. Dethatching your lawn will make your fertilizer much more effective because you are giving nutrients to your grass instead of the dead particles that are averse to decomposing.

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